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Literacy Program

The Oconee Literacy Program is an integral part of Adult Education, concerned with reaching and teaching adult non-readers and upgrading the reading skills of those requesting our services. Since the school district provides appropriate financing for this program and with the help of volunteer tutors teaching on a one-to-one basis, there is no cost for this service.

The Oconee Literacy Program consists of trained tutors, equipped with compassion and basic teaching materials who help non-readers. The Literacy Program is one of 650 U.S. affiliates of Pro-Literacy, America which provides free, one-to-one tutoring.

We also provide ESL (English as a second language) for all non-English speaking nationalities. We serve those from basic levels to advanced.

Overcoming the obstacles of not being able to read and write isn't easy, but we are a local program that can help. Call Veronica Main or Carla Rogers, 886-4415, or come to the Code Learning Center at 315 Holland Ave. in Seneca. You can also email to or